5/7/15, The First Day, by Cpt. America

Wow, what a day. After much hard work we finally got on the road. We have had a lot of fun getting ready for this trip. Everyone has worked like a mule. Even AnaClaire has helped by staying out of the way for the most part. Please pray for our safety and for extra patience.

After we got on the road it didn’t take long for things to start happening. When we had hardly been on the road for 20min we all heard quite the story to explain why we should always pay attention. On Tuesday Mom had bought a taillight and then lost it. She was looking for it all evening. She spent much time and lost much sleep on trying to figure out where it was. Well what she didn’t know was that Dad had already put it on and had spent all night with Mom and the rest of us and he didn’t even know what we were looking for. Then today somehow or another this topic came up and when Dad heard that the taillight was what had caused Mom to lose so much sleep he told her abit of irritation and rolling of eyes from Mom. Dad could do nothing but just laugh at the fact that he had not even been paying attention to Mom that night. Later we all stopped and enjoyed a good fresh dinner at Cracker Barrel and some great classic checker games.

The four older children all got Kindles for our trip. It has been quite the learning experience for us as we all try to figure out how to download e-books off Moms computer. All the children also got some new workbooks to work on in the van. We also thank all of you reading this blog who gave books, their time, and money. We really appreciate it. Thank you. ☺

.IMG_1815[1]This is us heading out.

IMG_1819[1]Look at how well she is behaving.

IMG_1818[1]This is all of us on the road.


14 thoughts on “5/7/15, The First Day, by Cpt. America

  1. Evidently the farm photo was taken before Alex’s birthday party. I see that Ham and Bacon are still up and around


  2. Looks like you are off to a good start! I am anxious to hear about all your adventures on this trip. I was in Zion on Sunday and had an incredible time (I did not send you all the pictures because I wanted you to see it for yourselves first). I highly recommend the Angel’s Landing hike for the older boys. It’s tough, but the views are incredible. Bryce Canyon is supposed to be one of the best places in the country for stargazing. Can’t wait to see you soon!

    Ryon – if you get to be Cpt. America, I’m Ironman 😉


  3. We’re all excited for you and will pray for your safety! What are your stops between here and Grand Canyon?

    I loved writing while John drove. The experience came alive in “real time” for readers (so I was told).

    Enjoy our beautiful America! It is a blessing to be able to explore it.

    We’ll pray for you every night.

    The Petersons officially need to hit confession! We’re all jealous of the camper! That’ll make your life a lot simpler and more comfortable!


    • Having a camper is so wonderful! We just parked it for each meal, got in, cooked, ate, cleaned up and left. Hope to get it down faster though!


  4. We will definitely be following you guys on your trip…the Grand Canyon has been on our radar for a while…we’ll get there one day!?!?
    Safe travels and have a wonderful time!!

    Happy Mother’s Day Rebecca!!


  5. Abby & I got a good laugh out of Ana Claire’s hair do!!! Jacob H has had a few of his own!! we love you & will definitely keep all 12 of you in our prayers!

    Lots of love,


  6. Great narrative of heading out with a family. When did you become such a great writer, Captain America? We Rabideau’s are there with you in spirit!



  7. Thanks for friending me, Rebecca. Just started reading your blogs about your trip. Can’t wait to continue, even though I am far behind…will catch up to you. Sounds like it will be awesome.
    God bless and safe travels.
    Sr. Maryanne


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