Day 14 – Thursday, August 3, 2017

We decided on Wednesday night that we had really already done the major thing that we came to the Eastport area to do – go whale watching.  We had also come to that area because it was close to the Bay of Fundy, and we wanted to be able to see the really high tides that happen there.  However, we discovered that although the tides in the Eastport area were higher than most other places, we could see much more dramatic tide changes if we ventured into Canada.  So, this morning, Tom got on the phone and found a campground in Nova Scotia that was close to the Bay of Fundy where we could witness these dramatic tide variations.  We decided to pull out of Cobscook Bay State Park and head to Nova Scotia.  The kids were so excited that we would be going into Canada.

We packed everything up and left after I spent a while working on blog posts while everyone was getting breakfast ready (pancakes courtesy of Kathy and homegrown sausage courtesy of Charlie).  I am embarrassed to admit that I got rather upset when I needed help and there was no one to be found.  Well, Charlie and Ryon were working on hooking up the camper, but everyone else was a no-show.  Someone was supposed to be cleaning the last few dishes, but instead I found the dishes abandoned and all of the dish detergent (that was less than a week old) dumped out, probably into the dish water since it was very soapy.   Anyway, that was not one of my finer moments.  So, we finally found the help that was needed, packed everything up and started heading to Canada.  Well, we didn’t make it very far down the road before we heard a noise from a kayak.  We pulled over and adjusted the rack.  Went another 10 miles or so, and it happened again.  This time we decided we were done with the kayak problems and needed to get some part to make a better fix, so Charlie and the older boys took the kayaks and racks off the top of the van and put them into the camper.  Finally we could get some miles behind us.  Well, just before we made it to the Canadian border, Charlie realized that the camper brakes weren’t working.  So, we made it across the border without incident but stopped at the first gas station that we could find.  IMG_0892IMG_0895IMG_0899Charlie and Tom worked on the camper and got the brakes working again, and this time we were able to make it to the campsite without any more incidents (except for a wrong-way turn that left us with an interesting predicament about how to turn both the campers around to get back to the main road).  Whew.  That wasn’t the easiest trip.

We finally made it after an extremely bumpy ride on a back road to our campground by the Bay of Fundy.  This was the first private campground that we have been to, so we had electricity, water, and sewer and were all so excited to be able to not have to worry about our batteries going dead.


All set up and happy to have some amenities!

There were some nice playgrounds for the kids, two washing machines and two dryers, and best of all – wifi!  IMG_0904IMG_0902We had a wonderful dinner, put the kids to bed, visited with Tom and Kathy, and then crashed ready for the next day.




2 thoughts on “Day 14 – Thursday, August 3, 2017

  1. Are you in New Brunswick? We visited Bay of Fundy park there and saw fabulous tides. Very exciting. There’s also a river in St. John that flows forward and backwards over the rapids based on tides. Very cool. What a great experience for you all.


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