Day 16 – May 22, 2015

Sunset in northern California..

Sunset in northern California..

Despite our late night last night, littles still had us up nice and early this morning: 6:40am. At least they slept an hour or so after sunrise. Showers and laundry were on the to-do list this morning. After all were showered, laundry completed, and camper cleaned, we hooked back up and headed north. This is a travel day with our destination for today still to be decided.

Dry lake

Dry lake

We are travelling on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains again, so much of the scenery is desert again. We are even getting to experience rain in the desert. Out here we see many more solar farms than we are accustomed to seeing. The Sierra Nevadas are still beautiful, and we see a beautiful rushing river. We even see two spots that look like they are supposed to be lakes (and according to the map, they are), but they are nothing but big areas of sand. There isn’t a drop of water in them. I’m not sure if they will fill up with water in a rainier season or if there is just so much drought out here that the lakes have totally turned to desert. At first we weren’t sure if they were supposed to be lakes, but then we noticed on the map that there was supposed to be a named lake just beside the road we were on. These would definitely have been some of the shallowest lakes I have ever seen though.

Damien sleeping with his hands in his pockets.

Damien sleeping with his hands in his pockets.

We finally get off US 395 and take a smaller state highway farther north into California. Although it is still dry here, we are finally seeing more trees.

Alex, Dominic, Nathanael, and Damien having a late night dinner.

The kids are catching up on writing some postcards, and Ryon is working on his journal. I am finally caught up for now on blog posts, with the help of Charlie and Nathanael. I’m caught up on laundry too. There isn’t much to do other than write, stare out the window, or pick up some needlework.

Beautiful rushing river beside the road in northern California..

Beautiful rushing river beside the road in northern California.

We are still loving our trip. I feel as if I could do this for a long time. I did finally pick up a tree book, so hopefully I won’t have to rely on my dad to tell me what all the trees are in my pictures!




8 thoughts on “Day 16 – May 22, 2015

  1. IAm going to try again since it went thru
    Like all those water falls. A great place for a picnic at lunch time.
    Beautiful here. Going to Uncle Johnand Aunt Colleen’s for dinner as Uncle Steve, Bet and Carlene are here with us. Going to try and send this!


  2. Unfortunately, “I could do this for a long time” gets into your blood…thennnn, it’ s just a matter of time before you’re yearning for the road and planning the next adventure!

    I sure love the cute picture of Damien, “asleep with his hands in his pockets”. It’s the little things like that, that make “it” all worth while.

    Northern CA?! Wonderful. If you can venture to Lassen National Park,I guarantee you it will NOT disappoint you or the kids. It was one of my kids favorite destinations. If you go, make sure to drive the loop around it, and take the trail to see the geysers. John did it with 40lb Ben on his back and a bum knee,so it’s possible. There should be plenty of snow to slide down too.

    Also the Oregon coast is beautiful. I’ve heard it gets even prettier in the north as well.

    I’m so happy for you all…and a “tad” jealous (all in good fun). Rock Hill hasn’t changed much since you left…sigh…but daily life in The Lord is good! No,it’s a blessing. We’re renewed daily by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (it’s Pentecost;), and he makes “all things new” so RH is actually “new” daily!

    Love to you all… and GET THAT SCHOOL WORK DONE!! haha!


  3. Hi! I am so glad to hear that everything is continuing to go well. Happy Pentacost! We had a good size group tonight @ St. Anne for a Pentacost/ Happy Birthday to our Catholic Church party. The party was sponsored by the Little Flowers group. I hope & think that everyone had a good time. We sure did miss you at the party. We are trying to start to get ready for the beach next week. My little ones are a bit disappointed that you & your family will not be there, but they are very happy for you & for the fact that you are on your trip.

    Keep up the great job with the pictures!! They are beautiful!

    Have fun! And be safe!

    Lots of love,

    Erin& Family


  4. Unfortunately, numerous smaller lakes in CA are dried up due to the drought. Last year I did the Wildflower Triathlon near Paso Robles, CA and we ran across the ‘lake’ that they did the swim in the year before (definitely eye opening).

    Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Love you all!


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