Day 13 – Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tom loves to make breakfast, so he made us a delicious breakfast of fried eggs with corned beef hash.  Afterward, we packed up and left Lamoine State Park to go to our next campground.  This route wasn’t as scenic as many of the routes we have been on, but I still enjoy looking out the window to see this beautiful country God has given to us.  We began seeing a lot of fields with something very low to the ground growing in them and finally realized that these were huge fields of blueberries.  Let me tell you, I would have no desire to go out and pick those gigantic fields of blueberries.  These wild blueberries are tiny and delicious, but “tiny” is the key word here.  It would take hours just to pick one bucket.  I now have a greater understanding of the gentleman at Glacier National Park explaining to me why the huckleberry ice cream was so expensive.  He told me the berries are tiny and it takes a long time to pick just one gallon.  I definitely have a new respect for people who pick wild blueberries and huckleberries!

Our trip wasn’t long, so we made it to the campground quickly.  We were staying at Cobscook Bay State Park near the Bay of Fundy.  This was one of the largest state park campgrounds I have ever been in, mainly because the campsites were very spread out.  They were also very wooded.  Our campsite had a hill with large boulders on it and much of the ground on the hill was covered in moss.  I thought the kids would have a great time exploring on that site.  The Rabideaus ended up with an even better site.  Theirs was flat with a lot of open space.  Ours had a flat spot for the camper, but most of the rest of it was steep hillside.

Kathy, Tom, Charlie, and I discussed that we would like to take a whale watching trip, so Kathy made some phone calls and found us a trip that went out late that afternoon.  It was recommended that we bring shoes that would keep our feet warm on the boat as well jackets.  We quickly got everything together and drove off to Eastport to find the boat.  They were ready for us when we arrived, and it turned out that we had a big enough group that it was only us on the boat.  We had two captains on our boat, Butch and Rob.  Butch drove, and Rob told us about the area.


Our boat

Before long, Rob was pointing out to us a harbor seal as well as some birds sitting on the water.  Then he showed us a whirlpool that is named Old Sow.  It is the largest tidal whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere.  Having never seen a whirlpool before (other than in my bathtub), this was really cool.


Old Sow

We went farther out, and the next thing I knew Butch was speeding quickly ahead.  Evidently, a Finback Whale had been spotted not too far from us.  According to Rob, the Finback Whale is the 2nd largest whale after the Blue Whale.  We reached the area and sat waiting with three or four other boats.  Rob told us we would be looking for a blow first before we saw a whale.  Well, we finally saw it, and we were able to see it several times.


Finback Whale



A beautiful lighthouse near Eastport, ME.

It was magnificent!  I was so excited to see a whale.  I’ve never had the privilege of seeing a whale before, so this was a very special experience for me.  I was hoping to see another moose on this trip, but a whale was my top priority since I have managed to see one moose before.  We watched the Finback surface and dive multiple times before we headed off in the hopes of seeing a Minke whale.  On the way, we spotted several schools of porpoises, and then we pulled close to shore.  Everyone was congregating on the shore side of the boat.  I came running over there to see what whale would be so close to shore.  I could see no signs of a whale, so I asked someone what everyone was looking at.  Then I heard something I hadn’t been expecting.  They were looking at a Bald Eagle.  This was the icing on the cake for me.  I’ve never been fortunate enough to see a Bald Eagle in the wild.  It took me a little while to find it, and then it flew off.  However, the boat moved a little farther along the shoreline and stopped when they spotted the eagle again.  The eagle was perched high in a tree near a nest, and we were able to spend several minutes gazing at it.  It was such a beautiful and majestic bird, and I really felt so fortunate and privileged to be able to witness these beautiful animals in their wild and natural habitat.  DSCF2162Butch did manage to go on and find a Minke Whale also.  It wasn’t quite as big as the Finback, but just as beautiful.


Minke Whale


And the Captains weren’t done yet.  They stopped by a couple of their lobster traps to see what they had caught.  We were able to watch how they caught their traps and reeled them in as well as see the crabs and lobster that had been caught.  One of the lobsters was a huge size and was covered in eggs on her underside.


The underside of a female lobster covered in eggs

Butch notched her tail and released her.  The notching tells anyone who catches her in the future that she is a breeding female, and therefore they are required to release her also.


Ben holding a crab that was desperately trying to grab Ben’s fingers.  Ben won that battle!

After observing the catches in the two traps, we motored back to port.  Wow!  That was the experience of a lifetime!

Back to the campground for another late dinner.  We piled into our camper to eat dinner as it was dark and the mosquitoes were more than horrible.  Charlie made quesadillas for us all with our homegrown chicken that we brought with us.  We hollered at each person going in or out of the camper to hurry and close the door because we were being eaten alive.  Soon after we finished dinner, everyone went to bed as it was late.  Charlie and I played cards for an hour or so and spent that time still trying to kill mosquitoes in the camper.  I have never before seen so many mosquitoes in my life.  I hope I never do again.

Here are some more pictures of us all having fun on the boat.




2 thoughts on “Day 13 – Wednesday, August 2, 2017

  1. Rebecca, where the mosquitoes worse than the ones we had in Gettysburg we went camping with mom and dad in the early ’90’s? I have heard that the mosquitoes and the blackflies in Maine can be pretty bad. Hope everybody survived the trip. So glad to hear that you had a wonderful day trip. It sounds very very exciting! Love you all and hope your trip is going very well!

    Our family has really enjoyed reading your blogs! Thank you so so so much for blogging!!! I’m sorry we are so late in replying. Hope your trip continues to go well. Much love!


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