Day 6 – Wednesday, July 26, 2017

This morning, fortunately, wasn’t nearly as adventurous as yesterday morning.  We were leaving Campton Campground today and heading to Maine, so we had the typical morning of getting ready to leave and head for a new place.  That also involved getting laundry done too.  There were no laundry facilities at our campground, so I drove into town.  On the way, I decided to take the scenic route instead of the interstate (I’m sure that doesn’t really surprise anyone who knows how I like to travel 🙂 ).  Ryon and I came across a covered bridge, so we had to stop and take pictures.


Blair Bridge


Ryon in front of Blair Bridge

We didn’t actually drive across it because there was too long of a line, and we were in a hurry, but it was a beautiful bridge.  I then dropped Ryon off at Dunkin Donuts to get more work done on his paper and went to a laundrymat.  That was the nicest laundrymat I’ve ever been in!  They even had wifi, so I was able to get a couple blogs finished up and posted while the laundry was going.  After we finished, we quickly headed back to the campground to get hooked up and out of there.  The campsite across from us was reserved for today, so we were praying that no one would move in there before we had a chance to pull out.  Charlie certainly did end up using that spot to get our camper out.  What a blessing that no one was in there when we left.

We drove through quaint New England town after quaint New England town.  I saw antique store after antique store that I would have liked to go into.  These aren’t stores full of beautiful, formal, expensive antiques.  These are more hole-in-the-wall kinds of stores that have all kinds of old miscellaneous stuff.  Maybe I will be able to traipse into one or two on this trip, but that will have to be minus young children.  As we travelled on, we saw a couple of farm stands on the side of the road.  Charlie finally stopped at one for me where I was able to pick up some organic produce.  I was really wishing we hadn’t just gone grocery shopping last night because we filled up the fridge in the camper, but I managed to buy some goat-milk cheese, cucumbers, and a bunch of red potatoes.  We then stopped at a little park on the side of the road where people were climbing around on the rocks in a river.  That was a great little break for all of us.  The kids had a great time climbing around, 1 or 2 accidentally taking a little swim in their clothes.


Climbing around on the rocks


Damien pondering how to get down without falling.


Isaac opting to carry his shoes


We finally made our way back to the van, having really enjoyed our little adventure on the rocks.  We weren’t too far from the campground and made it there with no problem.  This time, I had picked the perfect site as Charlie was able to just make a turn in the campground and back directly into the spot – no turns or adjustments, just perfect on the first try.  We finally had a little time to just play around in the campground, pulling out our new KanJam game.  Even I took a couple turns in the game after making dinner.  The kids had fun just goofing off for a while.


AnaClaire wearing Nathanael’s jacket.


Dominic being his usual goofy self.

What a blessed day we had arriving safely at our campground, getting blogs caught up, finding awesome organic produce, and laundry done too!  You can’t ask for much more!




3 thoughts on “Day 6 – Wednesday, July 26, 2017

  1. Wonderful picS you are having the time of your lives. What memories you are gathering. We are awaiting Roslyn to come for a visit. She told Hart “she needed some Granny time” Went to tag sales today.Our neighbor’s daughter is visiting and this is one of her highlights when visiting. Found a super cutting board for John111. And a scarf, I will send to cleaners before I don it. All well also went to Dr’s office and my heart is running fast. Slow it down with medication! Has to run to keep up with all of you. Keep “Kidding” coming.Anxious for each and every Edition. Love GrannyB

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  2. I’m behide but sure do enjoy reading all your adventure, looks like everyone is having a great time. The rocks look like great fun. Planning on reading more.
    Spent the day cleaning our new place, movers coming Aug. 7th 😄
    Love ya


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