Day 7 – May 13, 2015

From the trail we were on at Zion National Park.

From the trail we were on at Zion National Park.

We left Bryce Canyon and drove the not so long trip towards Zion with the hopes of finding an RV park to stay in for the night. When we got close, we found some signs indicating that because we were pulling the camper, we would be too long to enter Zion National Park. So, we needed a place to drop the camper. We found a nice RV resort, just a couple miles from the eastern entrance to Zion to spend the night. We got showers again and were able to recharge our batteries for the camper. I was finally able to get to a WiFi to publish a post – we’ve been having a lot of technical difficulties, so I have gotten behind in publishing the blog. Please hang in with us while I am learning. There has been a huge learning curve for me with this whole blogging thing.

Anyway, the people at the resort allowed us to park our camper at an out-of-the-way spot and leave it for the day without having to pay for a second night while we went to explore Zion. Charlie and I totally agree that each day we see sights that we think just can’t be topped. They are so beautiful. Well, Zion was no exception. We definitely thought Bryce Canyon was the most beautiful place we had ever seen, until we entered Zion. We were so glad we weren’t pulling the camper because of the tight turns and low tunnels. The sights were just astonishing. There are no words for the beauty we saw. It is so hard to believe that such a place even exists here on this earth. I keep imagining being a Native American, mountain man, or early pioneer and wandering into such a beautiful place. We finally found a place to park and took the shuttle back into the park. We hopped off the shuttle to do some hiking. We chose to do a mixture of moderate and easy hiking. I didn’t think that the hike was as great as Bryce Canyon’s hike, but we still had a marvelous time. Damien said, “Take a picture,” over and over and over again. Dominic has an active imagination. He kept talking about a volcano and how his family died in the volcano. We finally managed to convince him that it couldn’t have been his family who died, so then he changed it to his friends. We heard that over and over again too. . We finished the day with a quick trip to the museum and, of course, the gift shop. I have decided to collect pre-made fabric quilt rectangles to make into a quilt for our family to remember this trip. Kathy, I’m going to need some help with that, I’m sure. Anyone up for a weekend of quilting somewhere, just let me know!

Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Because pictures and words don’t do Zion any justice, take my word for it and make sure you make a trip there in your lifetime. It will be beyond your wildest imagination. Being a Worley, I took lots of pictures. As I have looked through my pictures, I am so dismayed at how the pictures fail to capture the beauty and magnificence of the sights. The pictures will, however, always help to keep the vividness of Zion alive in our memories.

We wanted to make some real inroads towards the Grand Canyon, so we headed out of Zion and drove back to Page, AZ for the popular WalMart camping destination. This time we noticed that there was a whole section of parking lot lights that were out, so we were able to camp in relative darkness. We had quite a storm come through this morning with a lot of unexpected wind and rain. Praise God that it wasn’t worse.

Page, AZ is a destination itself. The Colorado River is dammed there at the Glen Canyon Dam to form a beautiful lake amongst the mesas. The bridge over the dam has beautiful views of the lake and Glen Canyon.

As a very important note, we want to send out some very special thank yous. To Big Al (Charlie’s dad), Dale, Evan, and all employees of Whisonant Electrical Services, we owe you so much. This trip would not have been possible without your generosity of filling in for Charlie while we are gone. To the people taking care of our animals and our home, we thank you. To those who are supporting us with prayers, we thank you. To those of you who generously gave various things to help us along on our trip, we thank you. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

The kids having a snack on the trail at Zion.

The kids having a snack on the trail at Zion.

By the way, travelling US 89 to the Grand Canyon is synonymous with riding a roller coaster, especially with a camper attached. Hopefully there aren’t too many typos in this post.

Tomorrow, we will be meeting friends at the Grand Canyon for a few days, so I will be taking a break from posting and will get another out on Sunday or Monday.




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  1. Great pics . Like those walking Sticks. So glad to read your comments. They bring back happy memories. We took a lot of pics for slides, popular those days in the 60ties but I could never write, compose like you . Thanks a million LoveGRANNYB

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