Day 5 (May 11, 2015)

kids eating ice cream

Damien, Isaac, Alex, Amelia, and AnaClaire enjoying an ice cream treat.

Well, we finally got showers.  Yay!  We drove last night to Grants, NM.  We needed a place to take showers, plug in our camper to recharge its batteries, do laundry, etc.  So all of that happened.  It was great!  Our campsite was just across from the playground, so the kids were having a great time on the playground.  Of course, they had already had their showers, so they came away rather dirty.  We were still in the desert, so there wasn’t any grass – just a lot of dirt.  There was a merry-go-round on the playground, and of course Dominic had a grand time riding it, and promptly vomited up his continental breakfast that was provided at the campground.  He recovered well though.  We were late getting on the road (11:00am), so again we spent the day trying to play catch up with our schedule.

keams canyon, az

Keams Canyon, AZ

We took a very scenic highway in New Mexico that took us through the Hopi and Navaho territories.  We saw a couple canyons and many mesas.  The colors of the mesas were just gorgeous.  You could see lines of color in the rock.  We were still in the high desert areas, so there were still no trees to speak of.  I was able to see 3 wild goats on the side of the road.  There were not many gas stations, so we filled up at pretty much each area that had a gas station (those were at least an hour apart).  I was constantly surprised at how many abandoned homes there were.  The homes were mostly very small with lots of mobile homes.  We saw so many structures (homes, businesses, outbuildings) with tires on top of the roof.  There were tires everywhere we looked: hanging on fences, partially buried in the ground, etc.  I still haven’t discovered why there were tires on top of roofs, so if anyone can enlighten me, please do so!   I read in a AAA book that there are about 200,000 Native Americans who live in this area, which is about the size of the state of West Virginia.  It seemed very lonely out in some of those places.

I am hoping that when we finally stop at one of our destinations I may be able to find a good book to describe the geological features I am seeing.  The kids and I studied Earth Science this year, and I remember a little about the geology of this area, but I want to learn much more about it.  The scenery was just absolutely fascinating, which is one of the reasons that it took me so long to get yesterday’s post out.  I was mesmerized by the beauty.



We still didn’t quite reach our destination for tonight, so we may be modifying our schedule.  It is so hard to pass interesting place after interesting place because we really want to have the time to see something particular.  I am always so curious – I just want to learn so much.  I am looking forward to slowing down some now that we have finally reached our initial destination area.  Books are always a good solution for me, but I don’t know if I will be able to find a book to explain the tires.

Until tomorrow,



5 thoughts on “Day 5 (May 11, 2015)

  1. Great pictures! When I was in that area, I tried to stop at some of the local places (cafes/restaurants) off Rt. 66 to experience some of the area’s uniqueness (I found they don’t always have a variety of vegan options). Nevertheless, it was very interesting/worth it.

    When you go over to see the Hoover Dam, Nellis AFB is also just outside of Las Vegas. On the drive over to St. George, UT, I saw 4 Blue Angels and 6 F16s flying overhead. That may be something to keep an eye on or check if they have any museums/shows/demonstrations that fit your schedule.


  2. Rebecca, I have enjoyed reading your blog! Jim wants to go to the grand canyon, so one day we will make this trip with our 6!!! I was reading online that they put the tires on the top of the roof to prevent rumbling. Long story short their roofs are bowed to prevent leaking but when a big wind comes it causes a rumble. So they put the tires on top to prevent the roof rumble.


  3. I love your pictures! The area’s beauty reveals itself. Where is your first destination?

    Will you drive through the painted desert and the petrified wood forest (National Park). It’s in AZ and on the way to Grand Canyon.

    Just an FYI, my little kids got altitude sickness pretty badly at the high altitude of Grand Canyon. (Very sleepy, falling down with drowziness, and stomach problems.)

    Keep being safe! Love to you all.


  4. You are doing beautifully. IAm enjoying every word and picture.
    Sunshine here. Lovely day
    We expect Bet and Steve to come today . They will be with us til beach time. We have gad Carlene since Monday. Love


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