Day 7 – Thursday, July 27, 2017

Today was a day to sleep in.  We had a lot of tired people, and of course I woke up at the horrible hour of 4:00am and didn’t get back to sleep. Ryon and I had been at the Dunkin Donuts the night before for wifi, and as they were getting ready to close, they asked us if we would like to take home any of their remaining donuts, bagels, or muffins.  They were going to be throwing it all away, so we took home muffins for breakfast the next morning.  Everyone was very excited about the muffins for breakfast in the morning, and it meant that I didn’t have to cook.  Yay!  We took some showers (that was the nicest campground shower I have ever used) and headed out to the LL Bean outlets in Freeport, ME.


We all walked around and looked at the various outlets, and in the end we bought absolutely nothing.  We all saw lots that we would like to buy, but nothing that we needed or needed to spend that much money on.  Oh well.  Back to the campground for a lunch of leftovers and a nap for me.  After my much-needed nap, we left to go back into town.  Nicholas wanted a new book (for some odd reason he didn’t bring his Kindle and has already read all of the books he brought – I don’t know what he is going to do for the next 2+ weeks), so we dropped he and Alex at the bookstore while we went to drive around for a little bit.  The little ones were in desperate need of a nap, so they slept in the car.  After we picked Nicholas and Alex up, we drove to find some views of the bay.  When we finally found it, the views were beautiful.IMG_0663

Our AAA tour book for Maine that we brought listed something in the area called the Desert of Maine, so we decided to check and see what that was.  We got there in time for the last tour, paid our money, and hopped on the tram.  A tour guide took us around an area and told us how a family had purchased this land in the late 1700s.  The family began farming the 300 acres of land, but they really used poor land management techniques and over time their topsoil began to erode away leaving patches of silt exposed.  The silt had been left behind by the glacial eras.  The patches expanded over time until pretty much the entire area of land was covered in the sand-like silt.  At one point in time, a spring was discovered and a spring house was built over the top of the spring.  Well, eventually even the spring house was entirely buried under the silt by another 8 feet of silt on top of it.  Some of the sand dunes are over 70 feet tall.  Many of the trees have been largely buried in the silt but have adapted to continue to live and grow.  Today, because the land is no longer being mismanaged, acorns and pines are beginning to establish roots in the silt and grow.  Reforestation is taking place, and maybe hundreds of years from now, topsoil will again exist and the land may again be arable.  This was a very interesting stop for us and really helped to drive home how important the management of your soil is when you are farming.  They also had the oldest known barn in Maine on this one-time farm as well as gem-hunting for the kids and a butterfly house.  The kids really enjoyed playing in the “sand” and hunting for the gems.  For once, the older kids were wishing they were younger as the gem hunting was for kids ages 12 and younger.

After the Desert of Maine, we drove to Wolfe Neck State Park which is a peninsula into the bay.  We were able to walk down to the bay, climb around on the rocks and just enjoy nature’s beauty.DSCF1903



Dinner was a treat of Italian (again) for the family and ice cream afterward.  We were able to eat outside and enjoy the cool temps.

The high was in the low 70s today, such a treat.  Charlie wore long sleeves all day and was comfortable.  We pulled out jackets for dinner as it was getting chilly.  What a wonderful break from SC temps.



PS  Alex has something to say about our day in Boston.  The passage below was written by her.

Tuesday, Ryon locked the keys in the car, so it took a little longer before we could leave.  We finally got on the road to go to Boston, which was over a 2 hour drive.  When we got there it took a little while to find parking, but we finally found some.  After we parked, we walked the Freedom Trail, and on that trail we stopped and looked at a lot of historical sites. The Freedom Trail was pretty cool.  1 of the things we saw was Paul Revere’s house, and we got to go in there and see what it was like.  After we finished following the trail we went to this AMAZINGLY GOOD ITALIAN RESTAURANT and got 3 amazingly good pizzas for us kids and 2 salads and 1 french fries plate for mom and dad.




2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Thursday, July 27, 2017

  1. I’m loving your pictures and stories! I wish I had thought to tell you about Regina Pizza in the North End in Boston! That is by far!!! The best pizza in Boston! Keep enjoying yourselves… you know I’m jealous, in a Christian kind of a way!!!!!


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