Day 29 – June 4, 2015

All of us at Old Faithful

All of us at Old Faithful

Another day in Yellowstone. Getting a decent internet connection, even in our campground, is difficult, so I am having a hard time getting blog posts out. Not to mention, there is the fact that every time I try to type something while I am riding in the car, I’m scared I’m going to miss seeing a moose or some other spectacular piece of wildlife that you really have to keep an eye open for.

Waiting on the eruption of Old Faithful

Waiting on the eruption of Old Faithful

Our top item on the agenda today was Old Faithful. We went straight there this morning. When we arrived, we had just missed the eruption, so we were able to get some great seats on the benches for the next eruption, approximately 1 ½ hours later. I took kids into the Visitors’ Center there to, you guessed it, go to the gift shop, while Charlie and some others held seats. Eventually, we were rewarded with a magnificent site in the eruption of Old Faithful.

Old Faithful

Old Faithful

After lunch, we went for some scenic drives around the park in the high hopes that certain crabby children would take some good naps. Although some got a semi-decent nap, others who needed one refused to sleep the whole afternoon and by the time we got home we couldn’t wait to put that particular two year old to bed. He was crying over everything.


Nathanael and Annette at Fountain Paintpots

Nathanael and Annette at Fountain Paintpots

We kept hoping to go on a nice hike, but the sky looked as if it was going to open up with a huge thunderstorm at any point in time, so we opted to walk around the Fountain Paintpots as we wouldn’t be too far from the van should a storm begin. The colors were amazing, but most amazing was the bison that walked up out of a distant meadow to stand just beside a hot spring with fumaroles around him and be very close to us on the boardwalk. We kept a good eye on him and snapped lots of pictures.

One of the mudpots at Fountain  Paintpots

One of the mudpots at Fountain Paintpots

One of the hot springs at Fountain Paintpots

One of the hot springs at Fountain Paintpots


We finally decided to head back to the campground a good bit earlier than we usually do. Our campground had an indoor pool, and the kids have been begging us to go swimming, so we took them swimming for a while. Then we went back to the camper for dinner. The kids pooled their money to rent a four person “quad cycle” thing and rode around the campground for a little while. Poor Damien melted into a pool of tears each time he had to let someone else have a turn. He was asleep within about 2 minutes of finally putting him into his pack n play. It was nice to have an evening of just play at the campground instead of being out doing stuff so late every evening.



Kids’ Corner:

Dominic, what did we do/see today (6/4/15)?

We saw bison. We saw Old Faithful. We saw elk. We go hiking. We saw geysers explode. Went and saw waterfalls. We go to a museum and buy “Stickers…Stories…Bugs

What was your favorite thing we did today?

My favorite thing we do today was see the bison. So… I saw a bison get really close.

Author: First Man on Mars

Dictated By: Dominic


5 thoughts on “Day 29 – June 4, 2015

  1. Good job Dominic! Sounds like you had a great time. Who is your new friend that you were walking and holding hands on the boardwalk? Didn’t look like any Whisonant that I know.



  2. Wonderful pictures. Thanks a lot. Most times I write a comment I lose it before I finish. Aunt Diane says I hit something… I don’t think so ! It just melts away, even when I am not moving my left hand. But I sure am enjoying all your adventures. Keep them coming. You are my favorite summer outing. love

    Sent from my iPad



  3. Hi everyone! I am enjoying catching up on reading your blogs. They are wonderful. Dominic, I will have to agree with Grandpa, who is your friend that you are walking with on the boardwalk?

    I should be finishing a paper that is due for me tonight at midnight! But I am having way too much fun with reading about your adventures.

    We missed you so much at the beach this year! But we are very glad that you are able to go on your trip & have a wonderful time!

    Please be safe.

    You are in all of thoughts & prayers.

    Lots of Love,
    The Helmueller Family


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