Join us on our New Adventure

October 19, 2019

I am so happy to be back blogging again!  However, because of our new adventures (which you are about to learn about), I won’t necessarily be blogging more at this point in time.  Instead, I have wanted to find an outlet to communicate about life and adventures in our large family that involves my family more. Mom, sitting at a computer typing away, doesn’t really involve my children and my husband much.  A couple years ago, I stumbled across a YouTube homesteading page in which a man named Justin Rhodes was showing his family’s life on their homestead.  (Check him out:  Justin Rhodes)  He was doing something that is called a vlog – simply a “log” of one’s life in video format.  Ever since then, I have been praying about and considering such a venture myself.

So… we have made the decision to create a vlog!  This will allow us to give an inside glimpse into our crazy but enjoyable lives to people who want to know what the life and adventures of a large family are like.  Someone once told me that they would love to be a “Fly on the Wall” of our home when we were all trying to get ready and out the door on time for Mass on a Sunday morning.  So… I videoed it one Sunday morning.  You will see lots of craziness in these vlogs: trips to the grocery store, a visit to the dentist, meal times, school days, a typical Saturday, etc.  Just look up Kidding Around Farm on YouTube.  Please subscribe to our channel and give us some comments.  So far, I have really enjoyed doing this.  Don’t be surprised if you don’t see much of Alex in the vlogs as she isn’t really willing to be on video, and I am doing my best to respect that.  The other kids also really enjoy helping, so there are plenty of crazy times when they have the camera and are filming whatever they want to film (just watch First Day of School) .  Eventually, my editing and uploading of videos will catch up to the videos that I have filmed, and so what comes out as a new video on YouTube will indeed be a very recent video.

This is a brand new adventure for our family.  We hope you  join us for more adventures!





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